Friday, September 18, 2009

I praised God today....

Sometimes I forget, but tonight as I was rocking my over-tired little angel after a little baby midnight snack I couldn't help but praise God. I was in the dark nursery with the glow of a Pooh nightlight settling on Brynn's head like a halo. The warm milk comforted her so that she finally relaxed onto my chest, clinging to my shirt not even needing her pacifier. He breathing slowed to a coo that quickly changed into infant snores which are much sweeter than grown up ones.
I was completely silent, but my heart sang out to God like never before in awe and humble gratitude.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy 5 months, Brynn-Brynn!

Dear Brynn,
Has it really only been 5 months since you've been in my life? How small my heart must have been before. Five months has gone by like a blink of an eye. I guess I'll have to get used to that.
I gave you some bowls and spoons to play with tonight. You were a little confused, but entertained when Daddy and I drummed on them! You hit yourself in the face with the spoon and scared me, but you didn't even cry. We'll wait a few weeks and try that game again.
You tried bananas today. You made some pretty funny faces. We'll try them again tomorrow. It was your first "real" food. You've had mushy rice cereal and oatmeal. You love those now.
You and I took a walk tonight. You sang "Old MacDonald" with me and laughed when I pushed you faster. You are really starting to laugh a lot. I'm glad you are such a happy baby.
You pooped in the tub tonight. I hadn't even turned the water off yet. You were barely wet, but bathtime was over!
You are getting to be sassy! The other day at Mimi and Papa T's house, Daddy was playing with your toys and said, "They're mine now!" You looked at me and said, "UUUNNNGG!" It was so funny! You have grabbed my face with both hands and pooked your lip out at me a couple of times to show me you are unhappy. You know Mommy understands you.
I never knew how wonderful being a Mommy would be. Especially being YOUR mommy. I love you more than anything.
Always yours,
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