Sunday, December 30, 2012

Revisiting Old, Creating New

How grand that we humans are given a chance to "start over" every January thanks to the arbitrary calendar that hangs on our wall. (If we were going on seasons, shouldn't the new year start when spring starts? Just a thought.)
I was reminded by my dear friend Heather's blog that I had also written my pseudo-resolutions in a blog at the beginning of this year. I was anxious to revisit them. Here, join me.

1. The news does not mention the Mayan calendar relentlessly. (No one knows the hour Jesus is coming back and I'm ready for Him, but it it still makes me nervous, so hush.) Well, media, how did that one go for you? That was more for them than me.
2. The Grant family gets a dog. (Names considered so far are Loula, Tuvok, and Good. Last one was Brynn's input.) CHECK! We got our sweet Fiona. She was already named when we adopted her, and we liked it so we kept it.

3. The Grant family will have another healthy baby on the way. (Note "WILL." I have nothing to tell yet, just to clarify.) CHECK! I was probably already pregnant when I wrote this post. How amazing that I was pregnant and had our precious Max all in one year. I know that happens to a lot of people, but with Brynn being born in April, it was totally different for me. Thank you, God, for granting this resolution!
4. I get back on my FlyLady track with keeping my house clean. Weeelllll...I did really super great with this, thennnn morning sickness happened. Then big ol' preggo belly happened. Then newborn happened. Then going back to work with a preschooler and an infant happened, soooooo......
5. I lose some weight and do healthy stuff like not eat McDonald's every week. (#3 will hopefully interfere with the first part of this one.) Amazingly I only put on about 20 pounds with big boy, and I'm down 32ish pounds from my biggest weigh in with Max in tow, which is less than before I was pregnant with him, so woohoo me!
6. I go back and finish the devotionals I didn't do during my previous Bible study. I did a couple of them. Then I lost the book. Maybe if I had done #4 a little better this one would have worked out.
7. I get some kids OUT of special ed for the first time in my career. Yes! Still working on this one, but I have a list to officially kick out of the system after we go back. I still LOVE my job.
8. I blog at least twice a month. (Once summer hits I'm upping my quota, but for now, I'll be realistic.) So much for realistic. Oh well. I blogged more than I did last year. I think. Who cares. This is just for me and my closest 2 friends anyway, right? ;)

So not too shabby, I'd say. Now for the new ones to visit this time next year.
1. Ye olde obligatory weight loss goal. Like I said, I'm already on the right track. I only gained a half a pound two weeks surrounding Christmas, which is less more less than I can say for previous years. My ultimate goal is to be at my ideal healthiness by the time I turn 30 next year. Hey, I didn't gain all this junk in my trunk in a year, so I'm giving myself a generous deadline. Weight Watchers is great for me.
2. Pray more. I don't mean this as a political statement. I just need to learn to stop being so surprised when God spectacularly answers my prayers. If I do it more, perhaps I'll learn.
3. Take more pictures. (This is Erick's "Don't take any more pictures" face.) Got a cute little easy camera for Christmas. So far so good on capturing the moments. I don't want Max to be totally left out of the photo albums as 2nd children often are.
 4. Final goal: Love myself more. "Ease up on Lacy" is the best advice I've ever been given. I'm going to stop prefacing ideas with, "This may be stupid, but..." and negative self-talk. Or at least try. I'm not going to beat myself up about it if I forget. :)

Let's see how I do. What's a goal of yours this year?