Sunday, July 25, 2010

Catching Up

I used to apologize to my diary for not writing in so long and promise to do better.
Nothing has changed, except that now my diary is in blog form and I let people read it. (I don't know who I was so afraid was going to break into my diary and read that I had fun at dance class that I put a lock on the thing.)
I could say I haven't written because I haven't had internet, but in spite of how it felt, I was only without it for maybe three weeks. Not 6 months. So, I apologize to my 3 faithful readers (sorry, Marcia, Erick, and Mama) and continue as if I never left.
What does it take for a house to feel like a home? The people, right? That's true I'm sure, but what does it take to make your new house feel like your home? I think it's 30% family, 20% your old stuff, and 50% time.
I LOVE our new house down to the curved corners, the rope lighting in my bedroom, and the coat closet. I even love my automatic garage door opener on my visor. I've never felt so materialistic in my life. I have a couple of things hanging on the wall already and one set of curtains up. Most of our furniture is here; the only thing left to move is basically a pile, CRAP I don't know exactly what to do with. (another yard sale is in my future) But it doesn't completely feel like home yet. I still dream like I live in the duplex. Anyone who knows me (even people other than my 3 blog followers) knows I don't do change well. Or at all, really. This of course is a really awesome change that I am more than grateful for, but nevertheless, it's taking some getting used to.
Maybe blogging more will help. I'll do better. (But probably not.)