Saturday, December 31, 2011

This blog is not contagious.

(DISCLAIMER: I got this awesome netbook for Christmas, but I haven't gotten the hang of this keyboard yet. For instance, I hit====== every time I try to Backspace, so I amm =not responsible for the typos you see in the floowlloing post! :))
I don't get sick too often, thankfully, but you can bet on when I will: Christmas Break and/or Spring Break! I have had rotaviruses, a corneal ulcer, and now pneumonia, and guess when! It's like while I'm working, my body doesn't slow down enough to let me get sick, but my guard goes down as soon as I turn off my power strips in my classroom.
I specifically went to the doctor before I generally would have to avoid being sick over break, but noooo. Dagnabit that's what sick days are for. I really do hate missing school--all teachers know it's way harder to be out than just to go on to school have beaten. However, my days off are so precious, I hate spending them laid out and useless!
I must share my story that would surely put me in the running "Mother of the Year, 2011." Just in time too. Yesterday, or the day before--it's hard to remember when you haven't left the couch except to go to bed for a week--Brynn was sitting on my back, bouncing and eating Ritz crackers out of the pack. I was sleeping on and off, and I'm sure that was a hilarious sight. Anyway, I knew as long as SuperWhy was on and I was being bounced, Brynn would be okay while I dozed. The next thing I knew, I woke up to what sounded like crying. I had to idea how long I had been asleep, and my back was riderless. I shot up and yelled, "Brynn!! Are you okay?!?!" Then my precious little self-sufficient two year old peered around the tv tray that was serving as my blind spot and looked at me like, "Mom, just go back to sleep." I don't know what the noise I heard was. Maybe I was hallucinating. Anyway. Later the same day, I put the poor thing down for a nap an hour early. Accidentally. Wow. (Send your kids over for me to baby-sit, I'm obviously ready.)
Did I mention I hate being sick?? Worst line from my sweet girl this week: "Mommy, I'm sorry you don't want to play with me." Oh, baby. She took such good care of me. In spite of her words, I think she really knew how bad I felt and that I wanted to play with her more than anything.
I have been feeling some better at least part of the last couple of days. My main issue right now is my stomach from my yucky second round of antibiotics to get what the first round couldn't catch. I guess this is one way to start my New Year's diet! But never fear, school starts Monday, so I should be up and running as soon as my computer clicks on.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 Ramble

“I have learned that faith means trusting in advance what will only make sense in reverse.”
Philip Yancey

This year has had so much turmoil that it really just seems like a blur looking back. At many points if you had asked me, I would have told you without hesitation that this was the worst year of my life. It may have been. But as Priscilla Shirer reminded me in the Bible study I did recently--"Bushes don't burn in the wet season. Only in the dry season." Through the desert times this year I have seen burning bushes like never before. I am learning to recognize God's voice more clearly and have seen the joy that comes from waiting on Him.
He has allowed me to see some things that make sense in reverse now--like waiting on Erick's job. Every step led him to where he is now, though in those 6+ years of wondering and praying we had no idea what was going on!
As we move into the next stage of trying to expand our family, I must have faith that God has His plans for us and let Him take care of it for us. His plans for us are good. I was planning on spending this Christmas in the maternity ward of the hospital and bringing home a wonderful present. I have prayed fervently that my favorite time of year wouldn't be spoiled by that pain. I am happy to say that I woke up today and had almost an hour before I remembered that today was my original due date. I have had more feelings of joy thinking of my baby celebrating the biggest birthday party ever in Heaven and thinking, "Boy, mom's going to love this one day!" (I hope that didn't just make me sound too crazy. You do whatcha gotta do!) And I know my Papa is right there with him seeing it for the first time, with my Grandfather who has seen it a few times (whose birthday is today--he would have been 81).
A precious family member of mine has also had some difficult health decisions he had to make, but I got to see just how strong he is by how he came through! That was a blessing in itself.
Yes, this year has held the most tragic and painful events of my life, but more importantly it has brought glorious ones as well. Above all, I know that the God of this universe loves me, and that gives me the peace that passes all understanding.