Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I wish I were Kelly Ripa.

Wait, is that what I'm doing wrong?

Okay, not really completely her, but I got your attention, right? (although I wouldn't mind meeting Mr. Consuelos...)
I have got to be the most boring person on the planet. You know why? Because if I had TiVo or some other fancy thing that VCR's used to be able to do, the only shows I would record would be Live with Kelly and Michael and The Price is Right. And Jeopardy if my stupid antenna would ever pick it up. Okay, so maybe I'm old. Or old and boring.

I got to actually watch Kelly and Michael yesterday morning since we got the day off. (and that's how I choose to spend it..hmm...) and Kelly said, "I don't believe in depriving yourself of anything, just everything in moderation." To that, the audience politely applauded. Yay, you weigh 74 pounds and you eat whatever you want! Yay!
I'm not saying Kelly isn't telling the truth, and clearly that's how people got along for oodles of years. I don't remember Jesus discussing with the disciples whether Atkins, South Beach, or Jenny Craig was the best path. They ate what they had, and of it what they wanted, and walked everywhere they went and got enough sleep, and all that other stuff.  I am saying that Kelly has got to work out like crazy too to have arms like she does.

But my main issue is the key part about eating whatever you want. That does NOT include quantity, unfortunately. I want an apple doughnut from the apple farm. It's okay to have A doughnut from the apple farm. It is not okay to have what I really want which is a DOZEN doughnuts from the apple farm.
So it turns out quantity is my main issue. I'm still trying. Like tonight I made our weekly breakfast for supper. I WANTED six biscuits. I only had 2. I think. I may have eaten half of Brynn's when I was cleaning up. It's hard to be sure.
Like I said, I'm trying.

***Note: My ADHD is running rampant tonight. It was really super hard for me to stay on topic. I just thought some of you might enjoy hearing that andIcouldn'tholditinanylonger.  Phew.....***

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